Water Treatment

Treatment types

We offer a comprehensive range of treatment options depending on the type of contamination :

  • Ultraviolet sterilisation
  • Sediment removal
  • Ozone treatment
  • Acid water conditioning
  • Metals removal
  • De-scalers
  • Softeners
  • Nitrate removal
  • Deionisers
  • Chlorination
  • Chemical dosing
  • Boiler feed water

Equipment supply

Our experienced technical support department can advise you on the most suitable equipment to provide a potable water supply or treat your water for a particular process.

We supply from our trade counter or we can arrange delivery as required.

You can view many common filtration products at our filtration website :


Complete service

Whatever your requirements may be, we can engineer the most suitable system through from conceptual to detailed design.

We offer installation and commissioning by our own specialist technicians, together with troubleshooting and maintenance on existing plant.

Please find further details at our main company website :